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Things you do n’t know about masks!!

 Things you do n’t know about masks.

Several series about masks:

1.N series is American standard

2.KN series is Chinese standard

3. FFP series is European standard

The larger the number, the higher the protection level. It is expressed by a formula: FFP3 > FFP2 = N95 = KN95 > KN90

Numbers end with V,Indicates that there is a valve

All 95 starts with the N95 series.

The 90 series can also be used. The 90 series does not have a high degree of protection of 95, but it can also resist more than 90%, which is better than ordinary masks. In general, the N95 series is sufficient to fight viruses and flu.

Regarding the three standards of masks: the model and implementation standards of the mask are printed on the left side of the mask.

1. N95 is produced according to the American standard NOISH, the manufacturers are 3M and Honeywell;

2. FFP2 is the European standard EN149; European manufacturers of FFP2 standard masks include German UVEX, etc .; FFP3 is a protective mask with higher protection level (99).

3. KN95 is the Chinese standard GB2626-2006. The Chinese standard GB2626-2006 refers to the ordinary KN95 mask standard. The medical KN95 mask standard is GB19083-2010.

Medical N95 masks need to be protected against high-pressure liquid splashing, so it has a higher standard than ordinary N95;

Taking 3M as an example, the models 1860 and 9132 are the most commonly used medical protective masks. In addition, there are 1860s for children.

Ordinary people or medical personnel who are not exposed to high-pressure liquid spray can choose ordinary N95 masks that meet the NOISH standard.

Medical masks are not allowed to have valves. When ordinary people are infected or suspected to be infected, a medical mask without a valve must be selected.

Knowing this, choose what you need!!

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